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What We Do

Bahaghari Center aims to contribute towards eradicating discrimination within and against the LGBTQI community, and to provide defined services to the same until they are no longer required.

To help us promote the welfare of LGBTQI people, their families and friends/allies, our various efforts revolve around our Mission and Vision.

These include:


  • HIV testing
    Bahaghari Center has certified community-based HIV screeners (CBS), both Hearing and Deaf. Should a person also test HIV-positive, we have staff who may be able to link you to treatment, care and support, as well as other bodies that could be of help if needed.
  • SOGIE training module development
    There exists various modules to teach SOGIE, but Bahaghari Center has a localized module that may be even further amended to suit various contexts. As needed, we can give the SOGIE trainings/workshops ourselves, though we can also help develop modules that could prove beneficial in different situations.


  • Research
    Bahaghari Center conducts LGBTQIA-related surveys in the Philippines, with staff members already having produced, among others, the Being LGBT in Asia: Philippines Country Report, a journalistic stylebook to help media practitioners cover LGBTQI-related issues in the country, and Talk to the Hand (pioneering research on the KAP of Deaf LGBTQI community members and their HIV-related behaviors/practices), et cetera.
  • SOGIE workshop/Bahaghari Talks
    Bahaghari Center is adept at giving interactive SOGIE workshops, highlighting experiences and testimonials to contextualize SOGIE concepts in the Philippines.
  • HIV workshop
    Using the S.A.V.E. approach, Bahaghari Center’s HIV trainings/workshops are extensive, looking at contexts as opposed to the traditional – and very limited – focus on ABC’s of safer sex.
  • Deaf Talks
    We give trainings to members of the Deaf community, from SOGIE 101 to HIV 101 and CBS training.
  • Pink Ink
    Specifically tailored for youth leaders/student journalists, as well as media practitioners, this training delves at SOGIE and HIV, with particular emphasis on the Philippine context.


  • Bahaghari Awards
  • Photo campaigns – e.g. “I Dare to Care”, #PinkInk, #NoDifferent and #KaraniwangLGBT


  • LGBTQI Pride parade/march/festival
  • LGBTQI conference