Stylebook released to help media cover LGBT issues in Phl

In an effort to help inform media practitioners in the Philippines cover LGBT people and LGBT-related issues, Outrage Magazine and Rainbow Rights Project Inc. published a journalistic stylebook on LGBT terminology.

Helmed by Michael David C. Tan, publishing editor of Outrage Magazine and concurrent executive director of Bahaghari Center for SOGIE Research, Education and Advocacy, Inc. (Bahaghari Center), the stylebook was developed after consultations and focus group discussions (FGDs) were held with various LGBT leaders and LGBT organizations from various parts of the Philippines, including in Metro Manila, Baguio City, Zamboanga City, Davao City and Cebu City.

This, therefore, contains “a collation of terms encountered by LGBT Filipinos when (they are) covered by the media; and on whether these terms are acceptable or their use ought to be re-considered,” said  Tan.

Tan described the LGBT community’s relationship with the Philippine media as “complex”.

There remains insensitive media coverage of LGBT-related issues, such as with the incessant misgendering of Jennifer Laude, whose trans identity came under scrutiny when her case was being heard after she died in the hands of American serviceman Joseph Scott Pemberton. However, there are also pro-LGBT media practitioners who continue to push for LGBT human rights.

“Part of LGBT advocacy should be to help further educate (LGBT and non-LGBT people) about our community. And with this stylebook, we hope to help bridge gaps in LGBT-related knowledge so that our community will be given more respectful coverage,” Tan said.

The journalistic stylebook was made possible with funding from the US Embassy in Manila.

The journalistic stylebook is available for free particularly for people in the media, and for educational institutions (particularly those offering communications studies).

To get copies, contact (+63) 917-664-8890, 928-785-4244 or

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Stylebook released to help media cover LGBT issues in Phl
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